A Question of Faith: Challenges for an Orthodox Christian Journalist


By Daria Albinger Incorvaia

From the time I was a child, there were three things I loved to do, and most people who knew me would tell you I did them well.  I loved to write….short stories or in my diary….about things that were happening around me, or things I wished were.  I loved to talk.  About anything.  And I loved to ask questions.  Lots and lots of questions.

My parents worried I’d end up on the stage, and hoped I’d be a lawyer.  So I split the difference.  I became a journalist.

For several decades, starting as a newspaper writer, and then going on to radio and TV reporting, this career’s given me a front row seat to history.  I’ve seen some incredible things and met some incredible people.  And no matter how bad my day is at work, I still get to do what I love.

I approach everything with a question.  I look for answers, and for reason.

And sometimes, that includes my faith.

As Orthodox Christians, we’re taught to believe in the power of prayer. And for many of us the easiest one is The Lord’s Prayer.  Think about how powerful these words are “Thy kingdom come.”  “Thy will be done.”  “On earth as it is in heaven.”

If that’s what we want….the best of humanity, then why do we so often, especially lately, see the worst of it?

Why do men and women, who say they want to be selfless and dedicated public servants, act petty and sometimes vitriolic?  Thy kingdom come?

Where is the logic among nations where people have lived in harmony for centuries….where scores are now dying in the name of religion?   Thy will be done?

And what would make someone fly planes into skyscrapers…..and into monuments, shaking a country to it’s core?  On earth as it is in heaven?

 Maybe not…

It’s at times like this  that I try to summon what I’ve learned from the Divine Liturgy, and remember that God is in all of us, and with prayer, anything is possible – even if it’s only to try to find some reason in the unreasonable.

So we pray.   Maybe not out loud, but we pray for us and for our fellow men.  And hopefully, we can make some sense out of this cacophany we call life.

1933196_10207635463756427_6292449361936786947_oIt works…

Sometimes it’s in subtle ways, like in the vision and eloquence of my church´s Oratorical contest partcipants, which I´ve had the honor to mentor and coach for the past few years. I believe that God´s speaking to us through them, with a youthful message of eternal hope.

Sometimes it’s more obvious.  Consider the recent presidential campaign.  As outrageous as things got, the first Tuesday in November, we came together as a nation, for the peaceful election of a new leader.

And sometimes it’s downright insprirational, as proven by our resolve in the face of tragedy….from September 11th to Super Storm Sandy.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.

And there’s no question about that.

597 thoughts on “A Question of Faith: Challenges for an Orthodox Christian Journalist”

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